Maclean MCE 92 Remote Control CAME for Alarm Systems Fixed Code, 433.92MHZ

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High quality Maclean remote control. The device is addressed to people who have an original remote control and would like to have a spare one. It has an elegant durable housing. The remote control copies the signal of the remote controls compatible with the CAME system, with a fixed code on the frequency of 433.92 MHz.

Programming instructions:
Erasing the memory:
Press and hold the A and B button simultaneously - after two seconds the diode flashes three times.
Preduce the B button and press and press it 3rase (button A must be pressed all the time). After a while, the blue diode will start to flash quickly. Let both buttons. The remote control has been deleted (after pressing any Blue button, the LED does not light).
Copying of the signal:
To start copying, you need to delete the remote control previously saved buttons (see "Erasing the memory").
Bring both pilots to each other and press on them that you want to copy - the diode flashes slowly 3 times and then flashes quickly, which means that the button has been copied correctly. Activity should be repeated with subsequent pilot buttons. Please note that both remotes must be very close to each other and must have fit batteries.
Restoring the memory:
Press the 3 and 4 button at the same time - the diode flashes three times and after a while flashes quickly. It means that memory has been correctly restored.

Technical Specification:
- Brand: MacLean Energy®
- Features: Copy of codes, delete codes and restoration
- Compatible with CAME
- Fixed code: 433.92MHz
- Blue / red LED
- Dimensions: 41 × 52 × 13 cm
- 4 integrated buttons for use
- Very quick and easy programming
- Battery included

Copying codes, erase codes and restoring codes.
4 Built-in buttons for use.
Very quick and easy programming.
Packaged in a stringed bag.