TFA 30.5027.02
TFA 30.5027.02
TFA 30.5027.02
TFA 30.5027.02

TFA 30.5027.02


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Extra-flat housing
Small and practical
Includes battery
Ultra flat design that displays both indoor temperature and humidity.
High gloss fascia in white or black surround
Large clear display
Maximum and minimum function to review highest and lowest readings.
The unit is designed to either stand on desk/shelf (using fold out support leg), or wall hang using slot provided at back.

Digital Thermo-Hygrometer
Ultra -thin design
Comfort zone
Records and Averages
Temperature measuring range: 0 ... + 50 ° C
Humidity: 20 ... 95 %
Reversible ° C / ° F
With or black high-gloss surface
Incl . battery CR 2025 button cell

Digital Thermometer with integrated hygrometer and very easy to read display . Suitable for standing or for wall mounting. For control of indoor temperature and humidity for a healthy indoor climate.

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