The Whisbear Humming-Bear Shushing-Swooshing Teddy Bear

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There are six reasons for which each Whisbear is extraordinary :
Whisbear heart 
A device that humms and shushes imitating a hairdryer - very easy to turn on and when your child is asleep the device automatically turns off after 40 minutes.
Whisbear teaches 
Playing with the bear means sensory stimulation for children. Rustling ears and paws and long legs made from colourful and contrasting fabrics ensure fun activities for your curious baby.
A teddy bear different than others 
Whisbear was inspired by children's pictures. A head and four legs - or a Bearhead means more legs a baby can catch and bite.
Whisbear captures not only your heart 
We placed magnets in Whisbear paws so you can take him with you everywhere. The bear can easily grab a pram's handle, cot's side or accessory bag.
Fashionable Whisbear 
Whisbear arrives to you in his own soft bag. It is his first home thanks to which the bear is always clean and tidy. However, you can use the bag for example as a nappy container. Each bag is carefully packed into a specially designed box which ensures Whisbear save arrival to your home.
Made in the European Union 
100% EU design and production makes us proud! We also support Fair Trades rules and regulations.

Helps newborn children that suffer from colic
Helps falling asleep
Calms and soothes both the child and mother
Develops nervous system
Warranty: 24 months

Whisbear is an extraordinary bear who was born with one mission: to help little babies sleep well.
Whisbear is something more than a shushing teddy bear. They are a great plan to help suffering little ones and their parents in the colic-induced pain. 
Psychologist's opinion
"The sound needed to turn on the calming reflex when a baby is crying is a rough, rumbly whooshy noise that`s as loud as his crying (...) Once your baby is calm, lower the level of your white noice to about the loudness od a shower (65-70 decibels) to keep the calming reflex on. And, to help your baby doze off easily and sleep soundly, white noise is a must. (...) " 
dr Harvey Karp, an American pediatrician