Perel - Garden sails with UV - 5.0m square - Cream


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Garden sails with UV 5.0m square cream by perel

This sail is an effective and economical solution to protect the terrace or pool from heat and harmful UV rays.
In addition, the sail gives the garden a modern and luxurious character.

- matariał: polyethylene 180 g / m²
- color: cream
- ring D: Ø 5 x 40 mm (3x)
- dimensions: 5 x 5 m
- area: 25 m²
- Weight: 4500 g

The sail is made of woven polyethylene material that allows air to flow and protects against UV radiation. The texture of the material allows you to lower the temperature, also works better on windy days than a hydrophobic sail and does not cause the formation of so-called. 'Water bags'.
-90% protection against harmful UV rays
- The 'breathable' material allows air to flow
- the sides of the sail are sewn in the shape of an arch, which allows you to optimize the tension of the material
- stainless steel ring D on each corner