Laminator TRACER TRL A3 fast cheap WARM COLD quality

Laminator TRACER TRL A3 fast cheap WARM COLD quality


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Lamination prolongs the life of your prints, protecting them from external factors. It consists in combining the entire print surface with a transparent plastic film.

The Tracer laminator is intended for use in your home or office. The maximum width of the laminated document is 330 mm, while the maximum thickness is 125. The laminator works in two technologies - hot and cold.

- Release function (release of the jammed film): Yes
- User manual in Polish: Yes
- Max. Width of the laminated document (mm): 330
- Maximum thickness of the laminating film (mic.): 125 MIC
- New, Polish distribution product: YES
- Laminating technology: hot and cold
- Lock film release button: YES
- Device dimensions [cm]: 44 x 15 x 6.5
- User manual: YES

- Laminator TRL-A3 Tracer
- Original packaging
- User manual
- A proof of purchase

- Small, light and practical
- It works great at home or in the office
- For laminating documents, club cards, passes, ID cards, etc.
- Hot lamination technology
- Maximum document size: A3 (330 mm)
- Maximum film thickness: 125 micrometers
- Laminates all film formats from a small A7 to A3