Steering racing wheel Tracer Drifter USB/PS2/PS3/PC


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Tracer steering wheel Drifter is an advanced steering wheel that is perfect for any racing simulation game. Special anti-slip materials, ergonomic design of the handles and buttons provide high comfort and allow you to fully enjoy racing. The steering wheel has 10 function keys, 8-way dual pad and acceleration and brake pedals

- Vibrations  
- 12 buttons    
- Maximum turn the steering wheel 270 degrees  
- Pedals  
- Platform PC/PS2/PS3  
- Gearbox  
- Dualpad 8-way  
- Sensitivity adjustment    
- Win98SE/2000/XP/Vista/7

- Maximum turn the steering wheel 270 degrees
- Gas/Brake pedals + UP/Down gearbox or paddle gearbox
- Dualpad 8-way
- PC/PS2/PS3
- Vibration Feedback