Matchbox Schatz Truck Matchbox DJH50

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Schatz Truck Matchbox DJH50

Adventure with the Matchbox Treasure Truck! A rugged, large-scale truck equipped with a real metal detector, the treasure truck raises the bar while exploring by taking the hunt under the ground.
Activate the truck by pushing the antenna downwards, which sends out a detection signal and when the truck is running on a surface, the hunt is switched on!
When the treasure truck detects metal, the detection signal changes, and the treasure is ready to be excavated! Grasp the shovel and dig deeply until the metal is found, with the shovel you can separate soil and sand so that only the treasure remains.
When the hunt is over, just lift the antenna to switch off,
Until the next mission begins. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play with a cool design
And equipped with real bicycles. Batteries included.

Product Details:
Product weight: 748 g
Product dimensions: 41.9 x 19 x 25.4 cm
Batteries: 4 AA batteries required (included).

Adventure with the Matchbox Treasure Truck!

Matchbox truck is equipped with a real metal detector
Antenna signals when metal is under it
Thanks to the sieve bucket, you can separate soil and sand, leaving only the treasure
Real bicycles
From 3 years