SCR Opticum UNC2 Legancy

SCR Opticum UNC2 Legancy

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One converter output and one cable provide a signal for four digital receivers.
Converter for single-wire transmission to four receivers from UNICABLE.
The receivers work fully independently.
It is a prerequisite for them to have a UNICABLE function which is based on the use for transmitting 4 frequencies:
Receiver 1 - 1680 MHz
Receiver 2 - 1420 MHz
Receiver 3 - 2040 MHz
Receiver 4 - 1210 MHz.
One gold-colored UNICABLE converter (SCR) output allows one-wire to max. 4 digital receivers with SCR or UNICABLE signal.
Two converter outputs (TWIN) so called. The full silver band allows you to connect two traditional digital receivers.

Lower input bandwidth: 10.7-11.7 GHz
Lower oscillator: 9.75 GHz
Upper input band; 11.7-12.75 GHz
Upper oscillator: 10.6 GHz
IF channel 1 output (SCR): 1210 MHz
IF channel 2 output (SCR): 1420 MHz
IF channel 3 output (SCR): 1680 MHz
IF channel 4 output (SCR): 2040 MHz
Reinforcement: pow. 57 dB
Number of full band outputs:
2 Noise figure: 0.1 dB
Current consumption: 300 mA
Thread diameter: 40 mm
Operating temperature: - 40˚C + 65˚C

Single-cable BL SCR21 converter,  called Unicable, SCR, OLT, TechniRouter
The converter has three outputs
SCR / UniCable - which can connect up to four receivers in single-channel technology or two PVRs or one PVR and two single receivers
2 x Legacy - to which we can connect one traditional receiver or a signal meter when setting up a satellite dish