Set of 2 rolls 40x600cm AC01118 Magic Vac for vacuum packaging

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Italian Magic Vac's sleeve for sous-vide dishes and vacuum packing on strip welding machines. Cooking up to 72 hours in water at a maximum temperature of 90 degrees. The dishes do not lose their taste. Thanks to the process of slow cooking in a vacuum, they do not release aromas. Free from BPA. The welded sack can be washed under water, used in a microwave oven, freeze, refrigerated, and boiled in water at 100 degrees for one hour.

Thanks to the use of the MAGIC VAC device together with the original MAGIC VAC accessories, we obtain the best vacuum packaging effects by removing the maximum amount of air / oxygen from the container. MAGIC VAC packaging provides the best vacuum packaging due to the appropriate thickness and special "patented" material. It is therefore possible to create conditions in which the organoleptic properties will be maintained and the time of food storage provided in the table below and in the MAGIC VAC packaging manual will be provided. The MAGIC VAC product line has also been tested and approved by the FIC (Italian Chefs' Association).

- Dimensions 40x600cm

- Set of 2 rolls 40x600cm
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Vacuum packaging revolutionizes the way products are stored.
Vacuum storage of products extends the shelf life of food, regardless of whether it is stored in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer. The air can cause the products to become stale, rancid, fermented, dried, and the frozen food breaks down. Thanks to vacuum storage, food stays fresh longer and tastes better.
Now you have the opportunity to store fresh products straight from the store or garden in convenient portions, even in larger quantities. Products already purchased in vacuum packaging like cheese, salami and meat retain their taste and freshness if they are repacked into the MAGIC VAC vacuum containers after opening. Meat, fish and vegetables can be frozen, without losing anything on their freshness or quality. Products such as coffee, rice, flour or dried fruit will remain useful for consumption for much longer if they are vacuum-packed. Fresh, perishable food should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer.

- Set of 2 rolls 40x600cm
- Dimensions 40x600cm