Velleman MIC11B


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Velleman MIC11 dynamic microphone 6,3mm plug vocal microphone stage singing microphone Karaoke hand microphone Velleman is a well-known Belgian company that provides high quality garden accessories, tools and workshop products .
The company has a very good position in international market and high-quality products At a competitive price. Unidirectional dynamic microphone. Multi-purpose microphone for karaoke, talking, singing!

Directivity : unidirectional
Element : dynamic
Frequency response : 80-12000Hz
Sensitivity : -57 +/- 3dB
Impedance : 600ohm +/- 30%
Weight : 100g
color : black or blue

Multifunctional microphone for karaoke , speeches, etc.
dynamic microphone moving coil
with audio cable ( 3m) and 6.3mm jack connector
with on / off switch

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