Vileda Mixer 4
Vileda Mixer 4
Vileda Mixer 4
Vileda Mixer 4
Vileda Mixer 4

Vileda Mixer 4


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Clothes dryer Mixer 4 is a four-level dryer created in the shape of a tower. It allows you to hang a very large amount of laundry despite the small space. Space limitation is possible thanks to the use of the tower structure. As a result, it is possible to spread it in every room, also in non-standard places such as a shower cabin. The dryer is equipped with eight independent wings with additional brackets. Thanks to additional adjustment it is possible to bring the dryer to the wall.

The vertical laundry dryer also has legs with wheels, which makes it easy to carry the dryer. The Mixer 4 tower dryer is very stable, it also has two hooks for hangers that allow you to hang additional laundry, for example, shirts. It is also equipped with a hanger for gentle washing.

- Drying capacity: 40 m
- Color: Silver / Black / White
- Length: 71 cm
- Width: 71 cm
- Height: 169 cm

- Vileda Mixer 4 vertical laundry dryer
- Original packaging
- A proof of purchase

- Height of the dryer: 169 cm
- Cable length: 40 m
- Dimensions after unfolding: 71x71x169cm
- Dimensions when folded: 71x5x169cm
- Frame made on the basis of coated steel

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