Concept Variette SO2010

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Do you have a large harvest of vegetables and fruits from your garden? Or a lot of mushrooms after a walk in the woods? Dry them and and enjoy them all winter.
Prepare also healthy, fat-free dried crisps from apples, pears, apricots, kiwi and plums for your kids.
Concept SO2010 has 9 tiers for preserving multiple food types, with an adjustable temperature control allowing you to dry different types of food at the correct temperatures.
Concept So2010 will also let you enjoy longer with your favourite bouquet if you like dried flower decorations. Just take off the middle part of the trays to use devices for drying flowers.

- Smooth regulation of drying temperature: 35°C to 70°C
- Fan provides an evenly distributed temperature on all levels.
- Trays with removable middles
- Number of trays: 9
- Diameter of tray: 33 cm
- Tier height: 3 cm
- Quiet operation: 46 dB (A)
- Overheat protection
- Color: red + white
- Power: 450 W
- Voltage: 220-240 V

- Dehydrates fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, meat, flowers
- Adjustable drying temperature: 35°C to 70°C and a fan
- Number of trays: 9
- Diameter of tray: 33 cm
- Tier height: 3 cm
- Power: 450 W

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