Water cooker 1.8L Vakomtek

Water cooker 1.8L Vakomtek


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Perfect for any kitchen!

Msonic MEN232KS inox Electric water cooker 1,8L stainless steel
Compact water cooker with 1.8 liter capacity
With wonderful aluminum housing.
Thanks to the powerful 1800W
The water boils particularly quickly.
The lid can be opened easily by the push of a button
And the water cooker can be rotated around its own axis, removed and then turned off again.
This allows you to use it easily and easily.
The water boiler switches off automatically,
As soon as the cooking temperature is reached, in case of overheating.
For more safety and comfort!

• Steam sensor
• Closed filter construction
• Rotating base station 360 °
• High quality of temperature control
• To prevent the unit from being switched on, if there is no water
• Fast cooking - time and energy saving
• Triangular spout for drip protection
• Dimensions: 22x16x22cm
• Capability: 1,8l
• Voltage: AC 220-240V
• Power: 1800W
• Cable length: 60cm

Water cooker Vakomtek is wireless and has a concealed heating element. Maximum power is about 1800 watts.
The shape of the water cooker is very compact, although the capacity is 1.8 liters.