Weather Station Wireless Sensor
Weather Station Wireless Sensor

Weather Station Wireless Sensor


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Practical ECG weather stations MS 007 is a smart and take care of the weather forecast for up to one day ahead and with wireless sensor displays accurate indoor and outdoor temperature.Display Weather Station is perfectly legible under all circumstances with large signs and orange backlight.Guarantee accurate time is radio control.There is also an alarm function.ECG weather station MS 007 can be among others hang on the wall.The old power adapter with long life.

Wireless sensor with forecasts for one day
Measure indoor/outdoor temperature in ° C
Radio controlled clock
Possibility of hanging on the wall
Big numbers
Orange or Blue backlight
Dimension: 142 X 133 X 22 MM
Sensor: 2X1,5 V, TYP AAA
Main Power unit: Adaptor

One day weather forecast
In/out temperature
Orange backlight
Signal controlled clock