Whisbird Soft Toys
Whisbird Soft Toys

Whisbird Soft Toys


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here are several reasons for which each Whisbird is the perfect toddler toy: :
Whisbird heart 
A device that humms and shushes imitating natural sounds that the baby can hear in the womb. This calms the baby and allows quiet and long sleep.
Whisbird teaches 
Playing with the bear means sensory stimulation for children. Rustling wings and and colourful contrasting fabrics ensure proper stimulus for the youngest.
A bird different than others 
Whisbird was inspired by folk drawings - simple shapes are easily recognized and remembered by children.
Whisbird cares for your children 
Whisbird was made of highest quality materials with OEKO-TEX attestation and has an anti-allergic fill.

Helps newborn children that suffer from colic
Calms toddlers, and allows calm and long sleep
Rustling elements, and contrasting colours provide a proper stimulus for developing toddlers
Whisbird toy: 19 x 15 x 8 cm
Humming device: 7 x 2,3 cm
Case: 20 x 15 x 7,5 cm
Warranty: 24 months

"The sound needed to turn on the calming reflex when a baby is crying is a rough, rumbly whooshy noise that`s as loud as his crying (...) Once your baby is calm, lower the level of your white noise to about the loudness of a shower (65-70 decibels) to keep the calming reflex on. And, to help your baby doze off easily and sleep soundly, white noise is a must. (...) " dr Harvey Karp, an American pediatrician