Maclean MCE26
Maclean MCE26
Maclean MCE26

Maclean MCE26


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Mark Maclean brackets when entering the market has been a large number of satisfied customers.
The brand is known worldwide for quality, innovation , reliable products and services.
Maclean brackets is an industry leader in Europe.

For indoors
Range: 30 meters
Frequency: 433.05 MHz - 434.97 MHz
Outlets with child protection
Max Current: 16A
Max Power: 1100W
Battery: 1x 12 V ( not included)
Operating temperature: 0-50 ° C
Warranty: 24 months

Switch with remote MCE26G of Macelan Energy saving power, is convenient and moreover easy to use.
With the set electrical devices can be switched easily via radio to a range of 30 meters safely.
The remote control has 4 channels - one for each channel to specify which outlets other so and should be turned off.

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