Camry CR 4001 - Citrus press - 800 ml black color, ease of use

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Luxury, style, simplicity and ease of use in one device. With the Camry CR 4001 you have an orange press and citrus press that has all these facets. Its trendy black appearance makes a simple orange press a true eye-catcher. The CR 4001 Citrus press comes with two different sizes of press cones. For example, you have a cone for round citrus fruits such as oranges and mandarins and one higher cone for limes and lemons. With the Camry CR 4001 you can get all the juice from every citrus. The extracted juice runs directly through the sieve into the juice container. Pulp, seeds, crowns and everything else that you do not want in your drink remains in the sieve. This sieve and the press cones are also easy to disconnect and to clean. You can serve the juice directly from the 800 ml juice jug. The CR 4001 Orange Squeezer comes with a handy protective cap that protects your juicer when it is not being used.

Capacity: 900 ml
- Power: 40 W
- Weight: 0.77 kg
- Brand new Camry CR 4001 juice extractor packed in the original packaging
- Warranty card
- Proof of purchase

The strong motor ensures that the press cones can turn both left and right and also has a start / stop function. As a result, the cones only turn when a citrus fruit is pushed.