0.9L CUBE Botti white 6W3796

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CUBE Botti white

The ideal citrus juicer CUBE is an important element of modern kitchen equipment. Everyone who cares about health should try it out. The Botti company, in the interests of the highest hygiene and health of its customers, equipped the device with a special protective cover against dust, even when it stands on the shelf, it is always ready for squeezing.

Extremely easy maintenance - removable parts can be cleaned very quickly, saving time. Precise squeezing of the fruit provides a variable direction of rotation, and a practical strainer for the pulp effectively separates the stones. In a very short time you can enjoy delicious juices!

The juice jug has a capacity of up to 0.9 l! That's enough to prepare a healthy breakfast for the whole family. And when you want to squeeze citrus of different sizes, the squeezer has two overlays appropriately adapted - and to the grapefruit, and to mandarin.

Citrus squeezer reputable company Botti from the series Cube allows you to enjoy delicious citrus juices in a very short time! It gives you the opportunity to prepare fresh juice from lemons, oranges, mandarins or grapefruits, thanks to caps of various sizes. A special strainer prevents the seeds and pulp from entering the juice. And accurate squeezing ensures a variable direction of rotation.


  • Power: 40 W
  • Capacity (l): 0.9
  • Material: plastic
  • White color


  • Citrus juicer 0.9 l CUBE Botti 6W3796, white
  • Proof of purchase


  • Large pitcher capacity
  • Two overlays for different fruit sizes
  • Effective retention of pips and pulp