The original new Garrett ACE 150 metal metal detector

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Legendary - CSI is used. Perfect for forests, beaches, etc ... NEW MODEL WITH INCREASED ARMSTR! Watch out for cheap Chinese fake! Bet on American quality! We will add a set of useful internet links for each detector! We will add 4 Energizer batteries, a DVD and Polish instructions to the set! Graphical display of conductive properties of findings and current settings of discrimination Visual Target ID, graphical target analyzer G (GTA ™). Unique detector features: Microprocessor control. Automatic soil balancing. 3 Operating modes: All-metal (all metals), Jewelry, Coins.

Audit identification of the finding (3 tonnes). Factory setting of the front signal level. Automatic return of the front signal. "Connect and search" function. Sensitivity and range setting (4 levels). The ACE 150 metal detector, which combines the use of Garrett's proven technologies with innovative dynamic target size display. Together with the more efficient coil of the new generation RHINO TOUGH PROformance, it goes deeper for reasonable money. Garrett Metal Detectors The ACE Series is a state-of-the-art range of metal detectors for active recreation amateurs who begin their treasure-hunting adventure. ACE detectors can also meet the expectations of more advanced search engines. Proven technologies from Garrett Electronics, Inc. They are used in them to allow you to work accurately and quickly in a variety of areas.

- Made in computer surface mount (SMD) technology
- Adjustable boom length (1.06-1.29 m)
- 3-element design for easy packing and transport
- Stereo headphone jack
- Built-in speaker
- 6.5 kHz operating frequency
- Weight 1.2 kg

- New original Garrett ACE 150 detector
- Waterproof coil 6.5x9 "(16cm x 22cm) RHINO TOUGH PROformance
- Original box
- User manual in English
- Instructional DVD (English)
- Quick guide in Polish
- 4 Energizer AA batteries (Energizer)
- The importer's guarantee is provided in Poland
- Collection of internet links (e-mail)
- Paragon / or PV on request

The joy of use is combined with excellent ergonomics and very low weight of the device. The ACE detector has been carefully designed so that you can easily use its hidden potential and discover new treasures. The RHINO TOUGH Proformance waterproof coil, perfectly adapted to the ACE detector, will give you a successful hunt. Innovative fully waterproof coil 6.5: x 9 "PROformance ™. We offer all models of detectors of the ACE series, so that each of you will find the right device for your needs. Click on the image below to find out! We provide a 24 month written Polish warranty!

- Graphical display of conductive properties of findings and current settings of discrimination Visual Target ID, graphical target analyzer (GTA)
- Microprocessor control
- Automatic soil balancing
- Audit identification of the finding (3 tonnes)
- 3 operating modes
- Factory preset signal setting level
- Automatic return of the front signal
- Features: connect and search
- sensitivity and range setting (4 levels)