GM4WD Wireless metal detector coil Fighter 12 "

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We are the exclusive distributor of Golden Mask in Poland.
Professional metal detector - GM4WD (8kHz / 18kHz) Fighter 12 ".
GM4WD (8kHz / 18kHz) Fighter 12 "- Expert on gold and coins!
The detector is equipped with a sensational coil: Fighter 12 "
Telescopic seat made of carbon fiber is very light and thanks to the use of this material does not interact with the coil!

The main advantage of the GM4WD (8kHz / 18kHz) Fighter 12 "detector is its excellent performance, depth, speed of reaction, ease of use, ideal for heavily contaminated areas, the detector perfectly matches coils with a wide range of scanning (DD), which significantly improve the device's performance on highly mineralized soils, and the geometry of the probe allows for much better penetration of the terrain, SPIDER coils (5 ", 9", 12 ") prepared by Golden Mask engineers (other dimensions available on our other auctions) are especially recommended.
GM4WD (8kHz / 18kHz) Fighter 12 "is equipped with a Fighter 12" coil, providing greater stability, and resistance to thermal conditions. The dimension of the probe is optimal - it increases the depth by 25-30% while maintaining very high tracking accuracy. The cable is made of durable materials which ensures greater coil strength. The control panel with the system is made of solid ABS plastic.
GM4WD (8kHz / 18kHz) The Fighter 12 "has a shoulder arm with a forearm cuff and an adjustable arm length of the probe. The detector's readings are signaled by a built-in loudspeaker, thanks to which an acoustic signal can be heard.
The detector has an internal loudspeaker volume control and an additional headphone jack. Thanks to the good balance of the device (power supply of the detector located under the handle) and a comfortable grip under the arm, the seeker's work will become even more fun.
The detector coil / probe is completely waterproof!

- High quality
- Operating frequency: 8-18 kHz
- Operating mode: movement
- Coil type: Fighter 12 "
- Adjusted iron discrimination
- Audio discrimination
- Multitone discrimination: VCO
- Balance of the land
- Adjustable scanning depth
- Adjustable tone and volume
- Battery status indicator light
- Working time: a minimum of 20 hours
- Innovative, completely redesigned electronics, combining performance with greater sensitivity
- Built-in battery: 12V / 1000 mAh
- Automatic charging system (charger included)

- GM4WD metal detector (8kHz / 18kHz)
- Dedicated coil / probe Fighter 12 "
- Coil cover
- Cover on the battery compartment
- Forearm cover
- User manual in Polish
- An elegant box
- Forearm holder with cuff
- Automatic mains charger
- VAT sale document on request

Description of the symbols on the display:
- AUDIO FREQ. "threshold" - used to adjust the sound level of the threshold
- FREQ. "frequency" - used to set the frequency of the detector (8-18kHz)
- GROUND "earth" - used to eliminate the impact of land on exploration
- DISC. LEVEL "level of discrimination" - regulates the degree of elimination of ferrous metals
- VOLUME "volume" - used to set the volume of sound
- POWER LEVEL "sensitivity" - used to set the sensitivity (adjusts the depth of search)
- LOWBATTERY "LED indicator" - indicates low battery voltage

- Coil type: Fighter 12 "
- Adjusted iron discrimination
- Audio discrimination
- Balance of the land
- Telescopic seatpost made of carbon fiber
- Adjustable scanning depth
- The detector coil / probe is completely waterproof!