Deus with LCD RC console and coil 11 "

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The range of XP metal detectors is aimed at every user who wants to start his or her adventure with exploration or successfully develop it. Metal detectors XP metal detectors are made based on over 15 years of experience and patented technologies, from the best quality components.
ERGONOMICS - The detector can be folded up in 5 seconds We will also change the probe quickly.
XP DEUS - 4 DETECTORS IN ONE! - 4 frequencies: 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz with the possibility of change
Detector Deus XP is the work of a seeker and true visionary Technician, Alain Loubet, Manager of SARL Xplorer. Deus Xp was created to revolutionize the world of metal detector manufacturers.
DETECTOR FOR THE WHOLE LIFE - updated Polish soft !!!
The current version of the detector software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website!
Deus has a rubber grip along with an improved angle of grip, making it extremely convenient to use the detector.

The products come from the Polish official distribution network XP metal detectors
Technological breakthrough! - XP DEUS the world's first wireless detector
The world's first detector equipped with a fully telescopic "S" rod
For each detector we add a set of useful Internet links!

- Four operating frequencies (4kHz, 8 kHz, 12kHz, 18kHz) with the possibility of a slight correction of plus / minus
- Range and reaction speed adjustable (2 to 3 times faster / slower than in GoldMaxx detectors)
- Dynamic and static work modes
- Extended scope of discrimination, with particular emphasis on iron discrimination
- Factory-preset 10 modes of operation and the option of saving 8 custom programs
- Sound signaling, iron signaling level, multi-tone operation, selective discrimination, discrimination, etc.
- Many additional advanced settings (expert menu)
- Tuning to the ground (automatic, semi-automatic tracking of soil changes, manual tuning, beach mode for working in heavily conductive soils)

- New Deus XP detector
- LCD console
- Coil DD 11 "
- Holster for LCD consoles
- Coil cover
- 2 sets of screws for coil assembly
- Charger + USB cable
- User manual PL
- Warranty implemented in Poland: 5 years
- Receipt or at the request of FVAT
- Original packaging

CHARACTERISTICS - modern design !!!
Wireless AUTOMATIC (digital-radio) communication of 36 channels
Extremely low weight - 975g or 875g in the configuration on the belt (case to wear on the belt)
USB port for charging batteries and downloading software updates from the XP website
Software version V.3.2
Lithium battery with a weight of only 7g
Battery life in the probe approx. 20 h (depending on the sensitivity and frequency of operation)
Battery life in the control panel and headphones approx. 27h
Fast charging (about 2 hours) thanks to the smart charger, the ability to charge 3 elements simultaneously (control panel, headphones and probe)
11 "(28 cm) probe, wireless, made of DD carbon fiber, lightweight and waterproof with cover (see other auctions: 9", 11 ", 13" possible variants)

- Deus marks the technological breakthrough in the construction of modern metal detectors. The patented design consists of three components: Probes, remote control panel and headphones (headphones to be purchased at another auction), communicating via digital radio transmission.
- Ranges, speed, precision, low weight and compact dimensions have been achieved thanks to the latest technologies.
- The probe contains all the important elements that process signals that no longer have to be passed through the cable to the control panel, but are digitally processed and analyzed by a miniature electronic circuit which greatly improves the quality of the signal processing. Then data from the system located in the probe are transmitted via radio transmission to the headphones and the control panel in real time.
- Turn off the remote control panel and Deus will continue to work!
- You can control the detector only by means of headphones allowing for even lighter configuration of the detector.
- No need to use the remote control panel, the headphones allow you to adjust all the main settings of the detector such as: sensitivity, discrimination, ground tuning, frequency (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz), multi-tone signaling, programs preset in the control panel !
- Distribute or fold the detector boom in 5 seconds! Change the probes quickly!
- The new, patented detector boom can be quickly folded up and is much easier to use than simple booms with an integrated grip. The rubber grip along with the improved holding angle makes the use of the detector particularly convenient.