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The new A3 (E11k) inherited its small dimensions from the predecessor, but this time the casing has been redesigned to provide a secure grip and maximum ergonomics while maintaining an interesting design. The new brushed aluminum housing is not just a look, it has a protective function against electromagnetic distortions. Everything at hand - this vision was guided by FiiO when designing the A3 control panel (E11k). Now all the controls together with the sockets are on the upper part of the housing. All elements in one place give greater comfort of use.

The evolution also affected the heart of the device - the amplifier system was equipped with a tandem of great operational amplifiers. OPA1642 used as a preamplifier gives huge power, layered sound arrangement and beautifully reproduces medium and high tones. As a proper amplifier used here, AD8397 provides great bass reproduction and smoothes the final sound. A3 (E11k) has as much as 270 milliwatts of power (for 32 Ohms), half more than its predecessor.

- Built-in high-quality BL-5B battery
- Choice of amplification - large for demanding headphones, small for less noise for headphones
- Dual power supply - two reference voltages for different gain settings
- Enjoying recognition and popularity in the US as well as in Western Europe
- OPA1642 broadband preamplifier
- 3.5mm stereo line-in jack for amplifying a portable sound source
- Amplifier with high current efficiency AD8397
- ALPS potentiometer
- The easy-to-use digital volume control function ensures perfect balance between channels
- Three levels of bass boost
- Two levels of voltage gain for different types of headphones
- Housing made of high quality anodized aluminum
- Headphone protection - switching off the amplifier with dangerous signals
- Warranty: 24 months

- Manual user instructions
- A proof of purchase

The new bass boost system with bypass technology ensures that the lowest notes are emphasized without affecting the remaining tones and aspects of the sound. You can choose between spontaneous and pumping sound and a balanced and clear sound. The enlarged A3 (E11k) battery has 1,400mAh of capacity, which translates into 16 hours of hard work without connecting to the charger.

- Fiio E11 is a headphone amplifier with a mobile design.
- This allows us to use more demanding headphones while traveling.
- A line-in jack, mini-jack type, allows you to connect any audio source like a telephone or digital audio player.
- There are also no contraindications to the device to connect a laptop. The ALPS potentiometer used in this amplifier allows for precise and smooth volume control.
- The element also guarantees long and trouble-free operation.
- The potentiometer knob has been covered by the housing part to protect it against accidental damage and unwanted volume changes.
- Replaceable battery (type: BL-5B) allows for a long period of operation of the amplifier with demanding headphones. Even in places where we do not have access to electricity. Just change the battery and the music continues to play.

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