We're kicking off the bike lighting season!

Towards the end of the summer holidays, the days are getting shorter and the dark evenings are getting much longer. In August, September and even October many of us travel by bicycle. At such times, good bicycle lights are indispensable. It is also worth thinking about the youngest, who at the beginning of September start going to kindergartens and schools in large numbers. So let's make sure that especially they are well visible on the road. In our shop you will find lighting for every pocket:  

Front lighting 

The selection of appropriate bicycle lighting is a key issue for our two wheels. It is not always the case that a bicycle is equipped with lighting, and sometimes the existing lighting does not meet our needs. With us you will find everything you need

The ideal solution for front bike lighting is the Maclean MCE308 model

The most important advantages of our torch is its solid workmanship and two sources of light: 2 Cree XML diodes and a COB diode. This model will be perfect for commuting to work or school. You can easily mount the torch on the handlebar of your bike, using the included bracket. The IP65 protection level ensures complete protection against the stream of water coming from different directions with the output up to 12.5 litres per minute. So the torch is not afraid of rain or splashing.

The powerbank function makes it possible to charge the phone during a cycling trip while using the light at the same time, additionally every child can use this source of energy to charge their smartphone during lessons, and the clearly visible display shows the percentage of battery charge.

Another proposals are Maclean MCE175 and MCE220.

Both are characterized by high durability and bicycle holders on the equipment. Yes - you can use them not only during bike trips, but also at home or on trekking trips. Both models include a battery and charger, so you don't have to worry about additional equipment.

Rear lighting 

Nowadays, a simple bicycle rear light is not enough. We will present two models that will show you how much a proper rear light can give.

The first model is Maclean MCE317 - this lamp has a built-in high capacity battery, which provides up to 5 hours of work. The battery is charged with the included USB cable, which can be connected to a USB port of your PC, laptop or phone charger. Universal holder allows for easy and quick installation without using tools.

Note the additional LED pointing downwards, creating a red circle (360°) around the bike. This provides better visibility and increased safety when riding in the dark mornings and evenings. It is also a safe zone for the cyclist, so that cars will not overtake us in close proximity. The light complies with the StVZO standard. It has been tested and approved for road traffic in Germany.

In our offer we also have ready-made solutions (front and rear) in a form of Maclean MCE312 model which will be perfect for someone looking for complete solution for his two wheels. Front lamp is equipped with an efficient LED light source with an intensity of 30 lux. It is powered by a built-in battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. This battery can be charged with the included USB cable by connecting the light to a USB port on your computer, laptop or phone charger. The rear lamp is equipped with a high-power 3V 0.5W LED. It is powered by two AAA batteries.