Maclean MCE-969 Professional Discriminating Metal Detector, 25cm coil, Waterproof, High Sensitivity, 4 Modes

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Maclean is a global market leader in specialized cables and accessories for home cinema, hi-fi systems and PC connections. The company's position on the market has been built for over 10 years. Each product is created by a group of designers who, thanks to their knowledge and skills, can create something unusual just like in the case of this device. Ideal for treasure hunting on the beach, meadows, forests, etc. ... Very large 10 "coil / probe Adjustable forearm cuff. Watch out for cheap Chinese counterfeits! - focus on Maclean quality! A very useful device for any seeker of metal objects. Detects both small metal coins as well as steel beams in the floor or walls. Accuracy of indications is provided by an analogue indicator of high sensitivity Four operating modes: DISCRIMINATION - the possibility of applying discrimination - the ability to distinguish between types of metals, which determines whether the detector will be able to distinguish between types of iron alloys and non-ferrous metals ALL METAL - is used to search for all types of metal objects, in this mode the device has the function of automatic ground balance TARGET - when you discover a metal object, you can use the TARGET mode to determine the exact location of the TONE object - including mode, the device discriminates against various metal objects using a high or low tone

The MCE969 detector has a shoulder strap and an adjustable probe arm length. The measurement results are read on a legible analog indicator and an acoustic signal is heard. In order not to attract attention, just plug the headphones into the Jack 3.5mm jack. Search depth (approximate): - Small items, e.g. coins: up to 20cm - Medium items, e.g. gun: up to 40cm - Large items, e.g. knight's armor: up to 80cm, - Very large items, e.g. tank: up to 160cm, Detector features: - Issues signals tones when an object is found, a lower sound when the detector finds an iron alloy, and louder when finding a non-ferrous metal - Has an analog scale - tilting the signal level - Light "LOW BAT" - indicates low battery - Has a shoulder support - allows convenient carrying and detector support

- Metal differentiation (DISC)
- Adjustable sensitivity (SENS)
- Built-in speaker
- 3.5mm headphone output
- Sound signaling
- Analog swing indicator
- 25cm coil diameter
- Waterproof coil
- Battery consumption indicator
- 2x9V (6F22) battery power supply (not included)

- New Maclean MCE969 metal detector
- Large dedicated 10 "coil
- Adjustable forearm cuff closure
- User manual in Polish and English
- Elegant box
- A proof of purchase

Our detector is the only one to have a large modern 25cm (10 ”) coil, adjustable forearm cuff, a modern electronics module built into a safe console made of high quality plastic. In addition, our detector is dyed in canary color just like Garrett's products. The detector has a discrimination regulation and an additional headphone jack. Thanks to the good balance of the device and a comfortable arm grip, the work of the seeker will become even greater pleasure. The Maclean MCE 969 metal detector has the following functions: - Distinguishing between ferrous and non-ferrous metals (by using discrimination) - Sound signaling (through the built-in speaker or headphones) - 3.5mm headphone output for connecting headphones - Analogue swing indicator - Used battery signaling - Stylized for yellow a la Garrett (canary)

High sensitivity, low frequency metal detector excelling in finding coins
4 work modes - motion and non-motion. Allows to develop your treasure hunting skills.
Ergonomic arm handle and adjustable coil pole to ensure maximum comfort during long searches
Clear analogue display informing about finding with audio alarm and the option to plug in your headphones
Fully waterproof search coil allows to hunt in damp, difficult conditions.