Vileda 151153 Vileda Rotary Mop Set Bucket Easy Wring & Clean Turbo Microfibre Head Handle

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The latest rotary mop for efficient floor cleaning without the slightest effort.
The new Easy Wring & Clean TURBO mop has been redesigned to make it the most suitable for use with the cleaning kit available on the market.
When cleaning, do not need to wet your hands! Just when the water is spun in a special sieve and the mop is ready for use.

VILEDA complete set Turbo EasyWring & Clean

- Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Turbo are packaged in a box of 48 cm x 29.5 cm x 29 cm. Package Contents: Bucket, Mop with Stick, 1 Refill.
- Bucket dimensions: 49.50 cm (length including pedal) x 26.5 cm (width) x 28 cm (height); sieve diameter for centrifugation 18 cm.
- Dimensions of the red mop cover: length of each side 16 cm, height 1.8 cm
- Diameter of the mop insert after distribution: approx. 38 cm.
- Telescopic rod: 59-125 cm.

- Rotary MOP VILEDA Easy Wring and Clean TURBO
- Original packaging
- Proof of purchase

Now in a set with a floor cleaner !!

Rotary Mop Easy Wring and Clean TURBO
- The Easy Wring and Clean Turbo swing set is designed to clean various types of surfaces: parquet, panel and tile.
- The specially designed bucket shape facilitates transport and eliminates the risk of spilling water.
- The Easy Wring and Clean Turbo bucket is equipped with a water volume indicator, which gives you an idea of ​​how much water will be optimal for cleaning.
- The bucket has a molded water outlet that allows convenient water pouring after cleaning without the risk of spillage.
- Equipped with a pedal that allows spinning of the mop.
- The new microfibre sleeve provides excellent cleaning quality - It has two types of fiber: white micro-active fibers effectively clean hard impurities and red fibers remove individual impurities eg particles and hair.
- The liner is removable and can be taken in a washing machine up to 60 degrees.