Bluetooth Car Stereo Radio Audiocore AC9720 1 DIN Remote Control MP3 / WMA / USB / RDS / SD ISO Multicolour Background Illumination APT-X Technology

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With Audiocore Android Radio you can make calls without having the phone held in your hand, thanks to the built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity.
Now you can listen to music without cumbersome, abrasive and bulky CDs. Robust, ,modern design, ease of use, intuitive interface and the low price makes it the perfect radio for anyone who is passionate about good audio. With Bluetooth function, you can play music from your mobile phone!
Technology APT-X offers high-quality stereo Bluetooth, ensures sound quality for wired and wireless connection.

The radio has a SD and TF card reader. In addition, on the front panel there is a USB port and AUX input - mini stereo jack, to which you can directly connect a portable player such as iPod / mp3 / mobile phone / smartphone.
The front panel is detachable.

- Model: AC9720 (1DIN)
- Band frequencies with FM / RDS: 87.5MHz-108MHz
- Sensitivity FM / RDS FM <26dB
- FM / RDS signal / S / N noise:> 45dB
- Data Flow MP3: 8-320kbps
- Balancing audio channels: <3dB
- Channel separation: <22dB
- Signal-to-noise ratio:> 55dB
- Maximum voltage: 12V DC
- Actual output power: 4 * 25W / 14.4V
- Speaker Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
- Dimensions: 180mm (W) x52mm (H) x115mm (L)

- AudioCore AC9720 main unit
- Half frame for mounting the radio in the car
- ISO connector for connection
- Keys to easily remove the radio
- Convenient remote control
- Receipt or, upon request, invoice with VAT
- Manual in Polish
- Original packaging

• The volume control located on the driver's side ensures easy and, most importantly, safe volume control.
• A MODE button and other buttons most needed to control the radio without a remote.
• Using the remote control, you can control the radio from the back seat or the passenger seat
• Made of the best components, so you can be sure of its durability and reliability for many years to come.
• The memory of up to 6 FM radio stations will easily accommodate favorite stations, and the clear display and pretty backlight (7 colors to choose from) of the buttons adds to the atmosphere of the car interior.
• The USB memory port on the front panel is a very practical solution, you can easily change the data medium when you need it.
• Up to a dozen Gbs of memory supported is impressive, and the capacity ensures that you can play a very large amount of your favorite recordings, for example in mp3 format.
• If USB is not enough for you, the radio has been equipped with an SD and TF (microSD) memory card reader.
• Ripping your favorite CDs in mp3 format and placing them on a single medium will provide a virtually unlimited amount of music.

- Bluetooth technology
- USB/SD/TF support
- 7 backlight colours
- Digital radio with FM band + RDS - MP3/WMA support
- Output power 4x25W
- ISO cube included
- Remote control
- AUX output to amplifier 4RCA
- Certifications: CE, RoHS