TRIO EO 400 Infrared Heating Panel Heater 430W 100x57 cm Decorative Fireplace

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Modern and Decorative Heating Solution
The infrared heating panel provides the warmth and thermal comfort in the room. This effect is achieved thanks to the long infrared waves that arise when the carbon fiber is heated - it has a high thermal conductivity, which allows you to reduce the power consumption and thus save on heating costs.
During operation, the heater does not heat the air itself but the objects around it, including the human body (by improving the blood circulation).
Convenient and Resistant
The main part of the radiator is made of a bending and break-resistant polymer heating film, on which a patterned graphic is applied. Everything is fastened with wooden slats. The design of the heater allows it to be rolled up, which, combined with its low weight, makes it easier to carry.
Easy to Operate
The on / off switch allows for easy operation.
Simple construction and the lack of mechanical parts translate into durability of the device.

Technical Specification:
- Total area of the heating element: 0.56 m2
- Mains voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
- Power: 430 W
- Nominal current consumption: 1.8 A
- Maximum surface temperature: 75C
- Time required to reach operating temperature: 40-60 seconds
- Working time: continuous (regulated by thermostat)
- Outer foil safety category: IP20
- Electrical safety category: II
- Dimensions: 100x57 cm
- Mounting: wall

The Set Includes:
- Infrared heater 430W TRIO
- Holding hook
- User manual
- Manufacturer's packaging

- Innovative flexible heating panel using infrared technology
- More efficient heating than conventional heaters
- Carbon fiber heating foil
- Decorative Design
- 2 power levels
- Quick and easy installation
- Does not dry the air in the room
- Power: 430 W