Maclean Adjustable Cable Channel MCTV-672 Black and White to choose

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Rollable & Customizable Cable Organizer - Maclean MCTV-672
The cable organizer by Maclean is made of neoprene which guarantees you optimal protection and adjustment when cleaning up your cables. An excellent solution for uncluttered workplaces at home and in the office!
Thanks to the lightweight neoprene construction, the length of the organizer can easily be adjusted with the scissors - it is just as easy when cutting in cable grommets anywhere in the coiled cable channel as on the example picture in the picture gallery.
Thanks to the two-sided Velcro fasteners, you can customize your cable channel as you like - so it can be rolled up with both the black and the white Neopreanseite to the outside.
The ideal solution for heavily wired workplaces!

- Made of flexible neoprene
- Lenght: 200cm
- Width: 11cm
- Two sided: white and black.
- Velcro fasteners on both sides.

Maclean's Rollable Cable Organizer provides you with a simple and convenient way to organize and protect your cables - ideal for your home, office, or other heavily wired worksite!
- With two-sided Velcro closures
- Collapsible as black or white
- Cable glands and length customizable
- Universal for your home, office, work, and more!
- Ideal protection for your cables
- Length x width: 200 x 11 cm
- Material: neoprene