AGM Gel Battery Deep Cycle Maintenance Free

AGM Gel Battery Deep Cycle Maintenance Free


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A high quality deep cycle, maintenance free battery ideal for alarm systems, emergency lighting and other stand-by power applications. High performance deep cycle technology allows to use your devices for longer, and with more power. 
Completely sealed battery, assures no spills at all, and requires no topping up of liquids. 
VIPOW is a brand with years of experience as a AGM battery manufacturer, thus their products are high quality and are available at an excellent price. When looking for a reliable, well-priced AGM - VIPOW is the perfect choice.

Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 2.2Ah
Lifespan: 5 years (as a backup power supply)
Dimensions(LxHxD): 178x60x34mm
Height with terminals: 65mm
Weight: approx. 0.97 kg
Warranty: 24 months

A high quality deep cycle
Maintenance free battery  
High performance deep cycle technology 
Completely sealed battery