CSSB gel-batterij 6V 10Ah 151x50x94 1,5kg 6,75 tot 6,9 VDC / 25 ° C

CSSB gel-batterij 6V 10Ah 151x50x94 1,5kg 6,75 tot 6,9 VDC / 25 ° C


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6V 10Ah batteries are manufactured in a technology where the electrolyte is bonded in the form of a gel. During use, a recombination process of gas is used. This eliminates the need for periodic electrolyte filling.

Batteries can be used in poorly ventilated rooms, used by people, safely, maintenance-free and tight (they can work in any position). Very slow self-discharge process.

- Operating voltage: 6V
- Capacity: 10 Ah
- Dimensions (WxLxH): 151x50x94 (with terminals 107) mm
- Weight: 1.50 kg
- Permissible load voltage: 6.75 to 6.9 VDC / 25 ° C (buffering)
7.20 to 7.50 VDC / 25 ° C (cyclic operation)
- Initial current: less than 4 A

- Gel battery CSSB 6V 10Ah

Construction of gel batteries:
Gel batteries are used both for cyclic operation (batteries of small and medium capacity for mobile electronics), traditional and for stationary applications (accumulators, UPS), coupled with solar installations.
Correct use
The battery requires constant cleaning. While cleaning or cleaning, do not allow any liquids or liquids to enter the battery. Maintenance-free batteries are charged on the same basis as the service batteries.

CSSB gel battery 6V 10Ah
- essential for each driver
- maintenance free battery
- great usable product