Varta Industrial

Varta Industrial


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The advanced Alkaline battery LR03/AAA R-03 VARTA Industrial (reinforced High Energy battery), dedicated for industrial / professional applications. The cell is more durable than the zinc-carbon one. Intended for devices where the length of operation and power are of great importance. One of the most powerful alkaline batteries on the market, having excellent electrical parameters.

- Battery size: AAA
- Cell type: alkaline-manganese
- Voltage: 1.5 V
- Capacity: 1220 mAh
- Product height: 44.5mm
- Product diameter: 10.5 mm
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Alternative battery identification: LR03, AAA, LR3, AM4M8A, AM4, S, MN2400, 824, E92, mLR03N, 24A, K3A, R3, R03, 7526, UM4, Micro, V2500PX

- Powerful battery for industrial applications
- One of the most powerful alkaline batteries on the market
- The highest quality for devices with high power consumption
- Reliable
- Made in Germany