Ceiling plafond with a PIR sensor and a replaceable light source 2x max 40W with an E27 base

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LED plafond designed to automatically turn on lighting in rooms such as: staircases, corridors, basements, garages, cloakrooms, toilets, etc. Thanks to the infrared sensor, the product allows you to automatically switch the load after detecting movement, and thanks to the photosensitive sensor, you can set the intensity level light at which it begins to detect motion.
With our ceiling lamp with a motion sensor you will save on electricity bills, because the lighting will only turn on when needed! As a light source, two E27 bulbs with a maximum power of 40W each are used. It also works with LED lighting.
Advantages of using plafonds with a built-in motion sensor:
- Save electricity consumption by automatic shutdown
- Comfort of automatic switching on of lighting
- One device, lower cost than when buying a motion sensor + ceiling
- No need for additional wiring to the motion sensor
- No UV and IR radiation (does not attract insects)
- Easy and quick assembly
- The range of the motion sensor is up to 8 m

- Power supply: 220 - 240 V / AC
- Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Light sensitivity: <3 LUX (adjustable)
- Action time: 12 sec - 5 min
- For bulbs max. 2x 40W
- Detection field: 360 °
- Installation height: 2.5 - 3 m
- Bulb thread: 2x E27

- Ceiling plafond with PIR MCE324 sensor
- Operating and assembly manual
- Mounting accessories
- Manufacturer's packaging

- A plafond designed to automatically illuminate rooms, such as: staircases, corridors, basements, garages, utility rooms, changing rooms or toilets
- Works with LED bulbs
- Two E27 holders (large thread)
- The built-in motion sensor switches the lighting on automatically
- The ability to adjust the lighting time and the level of light intensity at which the device starts to work (dusk sensor)
- High quality