Basket with lid Curver Rattan Style L in gray

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A practical storage container from the Style Curver collection in size L.
It looks like a rattan basket, but it is made of light, cream plastic.
The basket with a lid, thanks to its modern design, perfectly fits into various interiors: the bathroom, bedroom and even the living room.
The material used and the quality of workmanship guarantee that the items stored in the basket are resistant to damage and dirt.

Thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a lid, it can be used as a storage container, e.g. in wardrobes or an attic, or placed on a dresser.
The basket looks very elegant and the content is protected from the eyes of others. This solution also brings order to the rooms.
The basket is a good alternative to wicker furniture and a great complement to the Natural Style laundry basket line.

- Dimensions: 445 x 330 x 248 mm
- Grey colour
- Material: plastic

- Basket with gray cover
- A proof of purchase
- Manual user instructions

The container will be useful for storage:
- personal items,
- Underwear
- Books,
- Sewing supplies,
- Clothes etc.

- Rattan structure.
- Subtle colors.
- Large basket capacity.
- Grey colour.
- Material: plastic.