Padded Envelopes Bubble Mailers, 3 sizes: 50pcs 44 x 32 // 100pcs 35 x 25 // 100pcs 28x20

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The padded envelopes were created to reduce the risk of damage to the item that you wish to ship. This envelope protects against moisture and mechanical damage, which is very common when transporting goods.
Bubble envelopes protect even the most delicate, especially vulnerable items such as documents, keys, money, SIM cards, phones, etc.

The use of bubble envelopes will allow for fast and aesthetic packaging of the product, providing protection against damage, but also against adverse weather conditions such as rain, pollen, dust and other contaminants inside.
Envelopes are lightweight which saves on shipping costs.

Three sizes to choose from:
• D14: 28 x 20 cm (100pcs)
• G17: 35 x 25 cm (100pcs)
• I19: 44 x 32 cm (50pcs)
- Carton of 50 or 100 pieces, depending on the envelopes' size.

- Set of padded envelopes
- A proof of purchase

- Made of strong paper
- The paper is additionally coated with polyethylene (PE), which makes the envelopes resistant to bad external conditions
- Low-weight bubblewrap
- The bubble wrap is glued to the entire surface of the paper inside the envelope. This solution creates additional reinforcement and provides better protection of the shipment.
- Envelopes have a very easy closure, in the form of a silicone strap with a width of 20mm
Three sizes to choose from:
• D14: 28 x 20 cm (100pcs)
• G17: 35 x 25 cm (100pcs)
• I19: 44 x 32 cm (50pcs)