A4Tech A7M 3200DPI Pro


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A4Tech Bloody V7M Multi-Core Gun3 is a 3200DPI extremely precise gaming mouse with an aggressive design, rich customization options and just 1ms button response time !
Left mouse button works in several modes, while the advanced mouse chipset gathers data from buttons and the sensor over 1000 times a second.
The buttons are very solid and have a lifetime of 10 000 000 clicks.

Adjusted CPI/DPI : 100-3200
Easy  cleaning system
No of Buttons (P): 7 + 1 wheel
Sampling rate (Hz): 1000(3-level use selectable)
Connectivity: USB
Compatible OS's: Windows 2000,Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Model: Bloody V7M Multi-Core Gun3
Key Response time: less than 1ms
Tracking Speed: 75 inches/sec(ips)
Warranty: 24 months

Metal X glide Armour feet Eliminate friction, Smoother Motion, Improved Accuracy
Exclusive "Ahead" technology reduces key response time to 1ms
Zero-Shot delay, 6 Sniper Modes, Pinpoint Precision
Auto recoil suppression.
No Double click, Zero Bouncing Output

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