Maclean MCE244 LED Lamp with Infrared Motion Sensor ACU 850lm 10W IP54

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The Maclean Energy LED lamp is energy-saving, very stylish, with a built-in integrated circuit and precise motion detection components. The product provides you with convenience, security and energy savings. It can identify day and night thanks to its built-in twilight sensor.
The lamp is equipped with a built-in battery - the lamp works when the the current is cut off. Operating time in emergency power up to 5 hours.

The Maclean Energy LED lamp can be used to illuminate the house, courtyards, garage driveways, workshops, parking lots, warehouses, shop windows, etc.

- Power source: 220-240V AC
- Detection range: 140°
- Current frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Detection distance: max. 9m (<24°C)
- Ambient light: <3-2000LUX (adjustable)
- Working temperature: -20 ~ +40°C
- Time adjustment: min. 10s. ± 3sec max. 5min ± 1min
- Permissible humidity: <93%
- Mounting height: 1.8-2.5m
- Rated load: 10W (750LM)
- Speed of detected motion: 0.6-1.5 m/s
- Built-in battery: 1500mAh / 3.7V

- Maclean Energy LED Lamp MCE244 with Infrared Motion Sensor
- Mounting accessories
- User manual
- Original packaging
- The proof of purchase

- Equivalent to a regular lamp about 100W (10W LED)
- Built-in battery with a capacity of 1500mAh
- LED lighting based on a modern module
- Very vivid, natural-coloured bright light
- Weather resistant IP54
- Energy-saving thanks to the use of LED technology
- Solid, stylish and modern housing
- 2 years warranty
- Adjustable lighting time and ambient light