Maclean Brackets MC-795 Keyboard & Mouse Desk Mount Holder Mounting Bracket Wrist Rest Ergonomic

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Mounting bracket under your office desk at work or at home. Create an ergonomic and user-friendly workplace for yourself which will support you in standing as well as sitting position.
On the bracket you will find enough space for keyboard & mouse with a total area of ​​67 x 25.5 cm. A comfortable wrist rest allows you to work comfortably.
This bracket is attached under your desk and provides you with full freedom of movement: easy to pull out by 47cm from under your desk. Thanks to a lever handle easily adjustable up to 34 cm in height and also rotatable by 360 ° and 28 ° tilt!

Keyboard & Mouse Desk Mount - Maclean Brackets MC-795

- Max. Load: 2 kg
- User area: 67 x 25.5 cm
- Height adjustable: 34 cm
- Extendable: 47 cm
- tiltable: -13 ° to + 15 °
- Rotatable: ± 180 °
- Wrist rest
- Material: metal, aluminum, plastic
- Color: Black (powder coated)
- Type: Support bracket
- Determination: keyboard & mouse
- Brand: Maclean Brackets ®
- Model: MC-795

- Keyboard holder for MC-795 adjustable desk table for standing-sitting operation
- Original packaging
- A proof of purchase

The ideal device for working in sitting and standing position!

This desk mount for your keyboard and mouse guarantees you many user-friendliness and convenience through your ergonomically designed new workplace!
- Keyboard can be easily pulled out from under the desk
- Pad is adjustable with a scope of 34cm in height
- Full freedom of movement: Keyboard can be rotated 360 ° and tilted 28 °!
- Enough space for keyboard and mouse with a surface of 67 x 25.5 cm
- wrist rest allows you the best possible user comfort
- Ideal for working in sitting and standing position!