Power strip extension cord 5 sockets with switch black German type 5m Maclean Energy MCE227G 3500W

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Children Protect function: Thanks to special plugs in the sockets of the strip, you do not have to worry about the safety of your child, who, tempted by the desire to discover, will meticulously examine each subsequent socket of the device when the opportunity arises.
F-type sockets: Unusual German entrance, often called schuko. It is difficult to meet him in our country. It is characterized by the classic two holes (for phase and neutral conductors), the socket is slightly recessed, and the metal, spring-loaded plates on the sides are protective grounding.
Perfect for use anywhere, a power strip for easy placement of angled plugs, power adapters, timers, etc. You can easily connect electrical appliances to the power strip.

Many electrical appliances consume too much unnecessary energy in standby mode.
The on / off button activates or deactivates all devices connected to the power strip.
In addition, the terminal strip can be mounted on the wall or under the desk.

- Maximum load: 3500 W
- Children Protect function: Yes
- RFI / EMI suppression protection: No.
- Cable length: 5m
- Type of sockets: Type F schuko
- Number of slots: 5
- Color: black

- Power strip with switch Maclean MCE227G
- Integrated support
- Manual
- Manufacturer's packaging
- Proof of purchase

- High-quality power strip for connecting up to five electrical devices
- 5 sockets arranged at 45 ° angle - for easy access
- Suitable for universal use
- With illuminated switch and integrated child protection
- Ideal for use in the office, living room or study
- Integrated bracket for mounting on the wall
- Max. Connected load: 3500W