Maclean MCE930 Professional Metal Detector Discriminating Waterproof Coil

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Maclean® MCE930 LCD
Professional metal detector with LCD Screen. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, the most difficult aspects of metal detection have been automated. 9.5 "WATERPROOF PROBE - allows you to use the detector even if you have to put the probe in shallow water. The concentric coil covers a larger part of the surface and is more effective than smaller coils!
Operating Modes, Highly Adjustable
ALL METAL - is a standby mode. In this mode, metal is detected by a fixed coil and the detector emits a constant signal. There is no need to move the detector from side to side. In ALL METAL mode, adjust the GND BAL (ground balance), then press GND TRAC several times to eliminate common minerals and ores.
The detector informs about all detected objects with a mid-tone sound in the ALL-METAL DISC, NOTCH and AUTO-NOTCH modes - they are operating modes in motion: In these modes the detector informs about the found objects with sounds of 3 different heights.
The detector works in the automatic ground balance mode. Sensitivity can be adjusted as required, while manual ground balance is not available. To discard non-valuable metal items, use the DISC and NOTCH settings. In moving mode, the coil must be constantly moving to be able to detect objects
Comfortable Use
The Maclean® MCE930 LCD detector has an arm handle and an adjustable probe arm length. The measurement results are signaled by the built-in loudspeaker and LCD display. In order not to draw attention to yourself, just plug the headphones into the 6.3mm Jack socket. The device has a volume control. Thanks to the good balance of the device (low weight) and a comfortable grip under the arm, the seeker's work will become even more fun.

- Model: Maclean® MCE930 LCD
- Product number: MCE930
- Concentric voice coil: 9.5 "(24 cm)
- Waterproof coil
- Operating mode: dynamic / static
- Tuning: automatic / manual
- Sound signaling and Graphic target ID
- Metal discrimination (DISC)
- Built-in speaker
- Headphone output: 6.3mm
- Working frequency: 6.5-6.7kHz
- Weight: approx. 1.5 kg
- Adjustable seat post length
- Power supply: 2x 9V battery (not included)
- Battery low indication: 11.6V
- Current consumption: ≤35mA
- Warranty: 2 years

- New Maclean® MCE930 LCD metal detector
- Dedicated 9.5 "(24cm) coil / probe
- Forearm grip
- Elegant box
- A receipt or a VAT invoice on request

- Professional Metal Detector by Maclean
- Waterproof concentric coil 9.5"
- Sound Signaling and Graphic Target ID
- Metal Discrimination
- Built-speaker
- Perfect for objects such as:
• Small objects like coins: 20cm ~ 25cm
• Medium sized objects, like a pistol: 35cm
• Large objects, like armour: 60cm
• Extra large objects, like vehicles: 150cm