MagicBox PSZSP112IN10 SuperZings Kazoom Lab Set Figurine Professor K VS Enigma Robok 3000 Vehicle

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The final battle between Professor K and Enigma has begun! Will Enigma manage to steal Kazoom hidden in the laboratory of Professor K? Robok 3000, lead by the professor, will do everything in his power to eliminate the opponent. Can Enigma bypass the hidden traps and reach a valuable potion? If so, will he use his vehicle to get out of Kazoom? So much action and fun in one set!

Get a fascinates set of SuperZings Kazoom Lab and 2 figurines. SuperZings is an excellent toy for every child who likes to create a collection of figurines. Kids can create amazing stories thanks to this super playset. Each character has a special power, through which he can find and defeat opponents. On top of that set of SuperZings will be the perfec gift which are sure to amuse and amaze a fair number of childrens.

- Age group: 3+
- Weight: 1,30 kg
- The set is packed in a cardboard box
- Packaging dimensions: 40 x 13 x 30 cm
- Laboratory, robok 3000, enigma vehicle
- Exclusive figurines of Enigma and Professor K

- Laboratory
- Robok 3000
- Enigma vehicle
- Exclusive figurines of Enigma and Professor K.
- Original packaging
- A proof of purchase

Complete your SuperZings collection!

- Time for the final game between Professor K and Enigma
- Will bad character manage to get to the precious potion?
- Can the professor help save the laboratory?
- Each figurine is different. Each has its own character and special super power through which it can find and defeat an opponent
- The kit includes: laboratory, Robok 3000, Enigma vehicle, exclusive figures from Enigma and Professor K.