Coinpad Standard coin box for prospectors

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We present a product developed especially for Seekers. No more problems with storing coins and buttons found during the expeditions !!
Safe coin box - COINPAD - MADE IN POLAND

The box consists of a streamlined, screwed "jar" and a sponge with many parallel cuts. Coins found are inserted into the sponge and from now on receive an ideal, 100% protection against scratches, bends, fractures, cracks, flaky patina, etc. With Coinpad you can run and jump, and coins have no right to even move. Holds coins up to 29mm in diameter, which is the majority of all discs we find.

- Solid workmanship
- Safety sponge
- Large capacity
- Dimensions - 80 x 33 mm

Moistening the sponge gives you additional advantages, i.e .:
1) Prevents the coins from drying out, resulting in the unstable patina going down (mainly copper coins, but not only!)
2) It allows you to view the coin or show it to colleagues at any time, because, as we know, a moist coin is usually much more readable.

- Robust design and protective sponge protect the found coins from mechanical damage such as crushing, wiping or drawing
- Large capacity - once COINPAD will accommodate several dozen coins of various sizes
- Small weight and dimensions - 80 x 33 mm
- The safety sponge can be soaked, so that the coins will not dry out after being removed from the soil
- The product is 100% Polish