Nordic Walking Set Anti-Shock Telescopic Sticks Poles 4 Colours + Pedometer Fit

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Highest quality Nordic Walking set. Aluminum made Nordic Walking poles equipped with an anti-shock system, which protects joints and very comfortable, ergonomic grips with wrist straps. You can purchase the Nordic Poles alone, or add one of great quality pedometers, which are excellent devices to track your training progress and keep your motivation level high. 
Nordic Walking is an excellent training method to keep your body in good physical condition. It has a positive influence on your heart work, blood circulation and encourages work of many different muscle groups. Daily physical exercises are proven to not only influence our body, but also improve our mental condition, while Nordic Walking is an easy and effective way to do it. 
Nordic walking is a great sport activity for people no matter the age or physical condition. One hour march with Nordic Walking poles can burn up to 400 calories (while walking without them would burn slightly over 250). 
Nordic Walking is also a fantastic social activity. No better way to do it, then with your friends alongside you. The exercise does not exhaust you, so you can make it even more fun chatting along the way ! 

Nordic walking sticks:
Joint-safe Anti-Shock system
Three segment construction
Comfortable ergonomic grips with adjustable wrist strap
TUV Certified
Folded pole length: 65 cm
Maximum pole length: 135 cm
Diameter: 14/16/18/mm 
3D PR-315 pedometer:
Very precise sensor, assures accurate work
7-day memory, that stores: No. of steps, burned calories, distance travelled
multiple mounting methods
8mm ultra slim construction
User profiles, which configure: Time display format, units, step length, weight, target steps
Batteries included
24 month warranty 
211 basic pedometer:
Simple and reliable
Very easy to setup
Battery included
5 work modes: Step mode, Calories mode, Distance mode, Time mode, Stopwatch mode
Warranty: 24 months 

Avaiable Variants:
Nordic walking sticks
 3D PR-315 pedometer
 211 basic pedometer