Garden Palisade Border IPBO BROWN Curb for Your Garden

Garden Palisade Border IPBO BROWN Curb for Your Garden


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Practical elastic half-palisade, designed for fencing rebates, plots, vegetable gardens, terraces, etc. Perfect for decoration and additional protection of escarpments. Thanks to the uniquely designed skewer, the structure is firmly embedded in the ground, which underlines the durability and strength of the palisade. Easy assembly and a simple system of connecting modules allow for wide application in the garden or on the plot.
The product is resistant even to difficult weather conditions.

- Manufacturer: Prosperplast
- Manufacturer's symbol: IPBO-R222
- Color: Brown
- The length of a single element: 25 cm
- Stake height: 13 cm
- Overall height: 22.8 cm
- Material: plastic

- IPBO Garden Palisade in colour BROWN
- Manufacturer's packaging
- The proof of purchase

- Resistant to difficult weather conditions
- Easy assembly and disassembly
- A simple system for connecting modules
- Perfect for every garden and plot
- Brown color