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Plast Team Basic
Plast Team Basic

Plast Team Basic


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Basic footwear containers are a series of shoe storage boxes. The transparency of the containers makes it easy to see the content both from the side and from the top and gives a clear overview of your shoe collection. The lid is closed by a gentle click. The open front flap allows access to the shoes you want to remove, without having to remove the cover or boxes stacked on top of each other. Super easy! The lid is designed graphics - printing the word "shoe" in different languages.

-Dimensions: D: 390 x S: 258 x W: 133 mm
- Capacity: 9.5 L
- Material: PP
- Color: transparent

-Shoe on footwear
-A proof of purchase

-Transparent, universal color
- The shape allows you to put boxes on top of one another
- Facilitates the ordering of shoes
-The hat allows you to quickly pull the footwear