Maclean MCE-965 Discriminating Metal Detector Waterproof coil

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Maclean MCE-965 is a quality starter metal detector for those that wish to start their own treasure hunting journey. 
The MCE-965 is designed with accessibility and durability in mind. Only the essential features, with most of the settings being adjusted automatically are implemented so you will not get overwhelmed with the number of settings, when you are still inexperienced. 
Discrimination allows you to tune the device for a desired metal type, and with the waterproof search coil you won't have to worry about braking the device when searching in damp conditions. 
All findings are signalised via analogue display and through audio signals - a 6.3mm standard jack output allows you to plug your own headphones. Light and ergonomic, the MCE-965 is also energy efficient using just a single 6F22 battery. 
The MCE-965 is a excellent starter metal detector - perfect for anyone that has no prior experience in the hobby. Allows to develop basic treasure hunting skills, such as proper metal detector swing movement and discrimination setting adjustment. A small shovel integrated in the arms rest allows for digging out findings in soft-surfaced environments, like sand beaches.

6.3mm headphone output
Battery usage indicator <8.8V
Powered by 1x9V (6F22) batteries (not included)
Work frequency 22kHz
7.5" waterproof coil
easy to read, analogue signal meter
Adjusted pole length 78 - 106 cm

Excellent beginner metal detector with most settings being automatically handled
Durable with waterproof coil - designed to last
Very light and comfortable, suitable even for teenagers
Shovel integrated in a arm rest, allows to dig out findings from soft surfaces, like sandy beaches
Clear analogue display, allows to plug your own headphones in