Maclean MCTV-575 MCTV-576
Maclean MCTV-575 MCTV-576

Maclean MCTV-575 MCTV-576


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Brand Maclean already had a lot of satisfied customers at the market stage.
The brand is known worldwide for its quality, innovative strength, service and reliability of the products.
Maclean is now an industry leader in Europe.
The cable duct is a perfect solution to hide and protect your cables.
Easy construction
Very time-saving assembly without tools, drilling and dirt!
Just attach the cable duct to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape.
The detachable upper allows you to insert cables.
The cable duct has a length of 150 cm and is available in three sizes:
- MCTV-575 - Width: 23 mm / Height: 32 mm / Diameter: 43 mm
- MCTV-576 - Width: 32 mm / Height: 42 mm / Diameter: 56 mm
You can simply cut the length of the cable channel with a saw.

The cable channel from Maclean is perfect for hiding and organizing cables
Ideal protection for your cables
Cable duct is made of high-quality plastic
Easy and fast assembly with double-sided adhesive tape - without tools and drilling
The front of the cable duct is detachable - allows fast insertion and removal
Cable channel has a length of 150 cm (can be shortened) and is available in three sizes