Maclean Energy MCE203 Infrared motion sensor pir modern Range 12m

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The product is distinguished by high sensitivity through the use of an integrated circuit. It combines automatism, convenience of use, safety, energy saving and practical functions. This device uses infrared radiation emitted by a human being as a signal to start working when someone is within detection range. It automatically detects day and night and is easy to install and use.

Thanks to our sensor, you will save on electricity bills because the lighting will only come on when you need it! Detection angle: 180 ° !!!
The sensor is used for automatic control of lighting or other electrical devices. Potentiometers for regulation: lighting time and sensitivity of light intensity. Mechanical vertical and horizontal adjustment.
Product features:
A motion sensor, which operates by turning on and after a specified period of switching off the electric circuit when an object emitting infrared radiation is detected
The sensor has 2 knobs: the LUX knob allows you to adjust the threshold of light intensity (thanks to this feature, we can adjust it to operate only from dusk to dawn) and the TIME knob, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the hold-back time
Easy fastening with 2 dowels (included)
Application: automation of the process of switching the current on and off, eg switching on lighting, switching on alarm systems
Also works with LED lighting

- Power supply: 220-240V / AC
- Detection angle: 180 °
- Power frequency: 50 / 60Hz
- Detection range: 12m max (<24 ° C)
- Light intensity: <3-2000LUX (regulation)
- Time delay: Min.10sec ± 3sec / Max.15min ± 3min
- Working temperature: -20 / + 40 ° C
- Operating humidity: <93% RH
- Power consumption: ~ 0.5W
- Max. load: 1200W 600W
- Mounting height: 1.8-2.5m
- Speed ​​of detected motion: 0.6-1.5m / s
- Dimensions of the sensor (mm): 85/92/64

- Modern infrared motion detector pir Maclean Energy MCE203
- Mounting accessories (screws + dowels)
- User manual
- Original packaging
- A proof of purchase

The new generation - infrared sensor has high stability, nice, modern and practical appearance, wide range of working voltages, easy installation and a wide range of detection. Automatically detects day and light at night. SMT technology used, in line with European standards. It is designed for automatic lighting control in homes, gardens, hotels, offices, stairwells, corridors, basements, toilets, etc.

- The sensor works with LED lighting
- High degree of protection IP44
- The device distinguishes between day and night
- The user can adjust the operation of the device depending on the ambient light
- The device can work both during the day and at night when it is set in the "sun" position (max)
- Can also work in an environment where the light is lower than 3 LX when the device is set to the "moon" position
- Regarding the adjustment pattern, please refer to the testing scheme
- Time delay is added continuously: after receiving the second traffic signal, still during the first one, the device counts down the time from the moment of registering the second signal