TOSLINK DIGITAL TT digital optical cable - 0.5m rotary plugs

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Maclean is a global market leader in specialized cameras, dummies, monitoring systems and digital connections. The company's position on the market has been built for over 10 years. Each product is created by a group of designers who, thanks to their knowledge and skills, can create something extraordinary.
OPTICAL CABLE of the renowned company Maclean TV Systems model MCTV-642.
One of the main advantages is the unprecedented quality on the market, which means that the cable is not only durable but very flexible.
Changing the plugs is very easy to use, just release the blockade and turn any plug to twist.

Very good quality OPTICAL cable with replacement terminals small JACK 3.5mm optical or TOSLINK. The plugs can be changed freely on both sides of the cable. In devices with digital output - optical, currently two types of optical sockets - JACK or TOSLINK are used. In order not to buy additional wires and adapters, all you have to do is buy an optical cable with rotating plugs that can be freely set.
High quality guaranteed by a reputable manufacturer.

- Length: 0.5m
- Cable diameter: 5mm
- Cord made of the highest quality fiber resistant to bending
- The plugs are covered with 24-carat gold to ensure the best contact with the sockets in the equipment
- Provides lossless transmission of an uncompressed signal
- Very precisely and solidly made
- Meets RoHS and CE standards

- Optical cable - rotary TOSLINK / JACK plugs - 0.5m
- A proof of purchase

The cable can be set in different positions:
- Toslink- Toslink
- Jack - Jack
- Toslink - Jack
Designed for connecting different types of devices:
- CD / SACD players, DVDs, Amplifiers
- Blu-ray players, amplifiers
- Satellite Tuners, DVB-T
- Computer, game console
- Other devices with an optical socket

- The main advantage of this fiber is the use of rotary replacement plugs
- The wire has dropped contacts covered with 24-carat gold
- Maximum immunity to electromagnetic interference
- Transmission over long distances without losses - the length of the cable does not matter
- Data transmission is carried out using a light beam
- Minimal attenuation
- High quality
- Without potential differences