Vileda 167751 Turbo Mop and Bucket Set 3in1 Microfibre Box

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The Turbo Vileda 3in1 rotary mop is a modern solution for effective cleaning of floors without the slightest effort!
The Turbo mop has been designed in such a way as to effectively clean various types of surfaces without the need to get your hands dirty.
The Vileda Turbo 3 in 1 set includes a bucket with a special spin system and a mop matching the wringer with a special pad. Cleaning is now that easy! You rinse the mop in the bucket, then place it in the wringer and pressing the bucket pedal, you spin the water from the pad to the desired humidity and type of surface.

- Producer: Vileda
- Model: Turbo 3in1 Microfibre Box
- Set includes: Telescopic handle, triangular mop head, spin bucket, microfibre mop pad
- Suitable for wooden floor, parquet, tiles, floor panels

- Telescopic handle
- Triangular mop head
- Spin bucket
- 3in1 Turbo Microfibre mop pad

- Designed for cleaning various types of surfaces: wooden, panels and tiles
- Specially designed shape of the bucket makes carrying it easier and more convenient
- Special handle designed to ensure the best stability while carrying or storing the set
- Bucket with a profiled water drain hole, allowing you to conveniently pour out the water
- Turbo 3-in-1 Rotary Mop head with two-color, three-dimensional bristles ensuring cleanliness without streaks and scratches
- Mop head with microfiber, for effortless and effective cleaning
- Triangular construction of the mop head allowing you to comfortably clean under furniture and in other hard-to-reach places
- Washable mop pad (at 60 degrees, without bleach or softener)