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Vileda Ultramat Turbo mop is the latest version of the legendary Vileda Ultramat Easy Wring mop.
It is designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding users. This great product has now been upgraded down to the last detail.

The Mop Vileda Ultramat Turbo is perfect when you need perfect cleanliness. It is irreplaceable when cleaning both large and small surfaces and the pivoting end allows to reach the most accessible corners.

- Vileda Ultramat Turbo mop centrifuge has improved geometry to facilitate insertion of the mop tip
- The additional handle makes it easier to empty the bucket after cleaning
- Easy folding of a flat mop with a foot switch
- The 180° connection allows access to places that are difficult to access
- Easy fitting of the sleeve with four buckles
- Ultramax 2in1 and Ultramax Micro Cotton are mopeds
- Three-piece telescopic rod with a length of 55 cm - 130 cm
- Dimensions container: length including pedal 49 cm / width 29 cm / height 31.5 cm
- Dimensions of the cover: 35 cm x 14 cm
- Foot size: 34 cm x 10 cm
- Packaging dimensions: 49 cm x 29 cm x 29 cm

- Vileda Ultramat Turbo box mop set
- Original packaging
- Proof of purchase

vileda - The modern cleaning system: without hands, without bending, without effort!

- Set bucket with rotating mesh system and flat Vileda Ultramat TURBO
- Effective - ideal for cleaning small and large surfaces
- Convenient - cleaning requires no effort or soaking of hands
- It has a new rotating screen that ensures accurate mopping without the use of force
- The mop can be easily turned thanks to the foldable leg
- New 100% microfibre insert
- Highest cleaning efficiency thanks to two types of microactive fibres. White fibers provide remarkable efficiency in cleaning the floor. Reds are well matched to strong dirt